Shaping the Post-COVID Era

Post-COVID Summit brings together academia, business, policy-makers and media, embracing powerful ideas from key sectors and fields of expertise, to delineate a multi-perspective vision of the world after the pandemic.

The Summit is organised by Atomium – European Institute for Science, Media and Democracy. The Institute was launched in 2009 at the European Parliament by the former President of France Valéry Giscard d’Estaing and Michelangelo Baracchi Bonvicini, Honorary President and President of Atomium-EISMD.

Post-COVID Summit offers attendees access to a special session and 17 additional sessions discussing topics related to health, economy and finance, technology, business, and policy-making, featuring 100+ speakers.

Post-COVID Summit will take place on April 19-20-21, 2022 at the European Parliament.

What is the Summit?

Post-COVID Summit is a "hybrid" event, both in-person and virtually, gathering trailblazing speakers and partners from all over the world.

What do we do?

Post-COVID Summit welcomes some of the world’s leading experts to discuss and find solutions to the challenges and opportunities of the Post-COVID Era.

How can you attend?

No matter where you are in the world, you can join Post-COVID Summit with your laptop or mobile.

Shaping the Post-COVID Era

Post-COVID Summit shapes the crucial debate by exploring and developing valuable new insights from new insights from academia, business, policy-makers and media, embracing powerful ideas from key sectors and fields of expertise.

Leading experts from key areas, including policy-making, healthcare, economy and finance, computer science, social sciences, and business, will yield their crucial insights into how their specific field will both emerge from the current COVID crisis, and shape the Post-COVID Era.

Which ideas do leading academia experts want to advocate?

Which strategies do companies intend to implement?

What should policy-makers do?

Will change require new policies or will new policies drive change?

high building for post covid era

Tackling the challenges of the COVID crisis

COVID-19 and the set of containment and monitoring measures that have been implemented on a global scale have significantly changed how we both work and live.

How can policy-makers, businesses and citizens proactively prepare for a post-crisis world? What will the Post-COVID Era following the development of a vaccine be like?

Major disruptions can lead to fundamental shifts in social attitudes and beliefs, thus paving the way for new policies, ways of working, needs and behaviours, some of which persist in the long run.

Meet Post-COVID Summit’s Speakers